The Human Mind Is So Vast, Not Even The Possessor

Understands The Greatness Thereof.

Never stop until your true potential

is actualized


Sometimes the value of those we meet and associate with, particularly our friends is not the money that they can or cannot afford to give, but the priceless advice they give. Advice, even the simplest of them oftentimes is powerful and hence outweighs all other negative attributes

Let’s Work With Each Other for a Common Good

Hi, I am Collin Kerr, an Accountant by profession I am accustomed to advising and guiding my clients to make the best use of their resources. I am also an avid entrepreneur who has a keen eye for financial success. It gives me great pleasure to be serving you and to be executing my master’s will in this fashion.

We really sometimes forget, that we were placed on planet earth to serve each other’s interests, for me all relationship matters, all other interests are secondary.

Money is important too, but only should serve to make our relationship stronger. But what is money really, it is indeed a medium of exchange, yes that’s what it is. It serves as a measure to facilitate the exchange of our gifts, goods and natural talent.  Yea that’s all it is. So, it boils down that you need me as much as I need you, we are indeed interdependent.

We were often told that money does not grow on tree, Money is the root of all evil, you must not want so much of it, if you do you are dubbed greedy. But I have challenged and dispelled those myths, the poor the middle class and the rich can be evil and good regardless of their economic condition.

If you are good and you are wealthy, you would naturally be serving good interests.

The world is changing and LITERALLY all that we are accustomed to do offline will all be done online. We already know that digital product is easy to sell online but physical product can too, we have seen it happened with the great Amazon, Ebay, and Alibaba to name a few. Our very grocery (though this is already happening in some places) will only need to be picked up at our door- step in very short order. Our students’ lessons with be pre-packaged and sent to them electronically and occasional tutoring from time to time.

Zoom, facebook live and others are obliterating need for physical meeting.

I don’t need to tell you, but think what will happened to the offline stakeholders such as our teachers, our transporters, the little vendor who provide goodies and so forth.

So, what is this telling us? We need to be internet Savvy, we must have internet and laptop with a brain. The gurus identified this long ago and so can boast tremendous rags to riches far beyond their own expectation. The gains they made is telling us that there is room for you too, so we need to change our mindset and think it over and start a new march.

Back in the days, the internet was a very scary place to me, but beneath it I felt that there was some truth and that a reasonable living can be made from it, all in the comfort of your own home, to me that was an AWESOME idea combatting the 4 hours traffic that I had been accustomed going to and from work, on top of that working for someone is benefiting most from my skills and talents. Working on the internet was always the ideal for me.

I know it can a be scary out there leveraging the internet, I too have been scammed more than once, but when I peeped over into my friends and associates accounts I know without a fraction of doubt that this is possible. So let me be your scapegoat, let me test the waters and allow you to have a better experience. I intend to be the ambassador for righteousness and truth, I will be posting to my product page, items that truly  helps and inspire me in the right direction.  I will share with you my success and I will teach and motivate you to become the best you.