Affiliate Marketing Principles

My Friends,

Many newbies are often puzzled as to how the process works on the internet, and the main concerns are How will I find product and How will I get pay  This relatively short discourse will introduce you to the principles. What should you do?:

  1. Promote other people products…
  2. Or Create your own products and promote same.

There are a distinctive advantages in promoting your own, when you do you get to keep all the revenue and hence profit, and when others promote yours you don’t have to bear the ad cost and thus your share received, is money that you earn thru the effort of others. But there are disadvantages as well, you have to set up your own product and believe me, that can be costly. You have to test the likeability and much more of the product and that may also be costly; that is of course based on the product you design and promote.

But as said my interest is to guide at first how to sell other people products for that’s the best way to start.

The advantages are – You just request or obtain goods and promote right away, your main cost is advertisement and if you have time you can generate your own leads.

So basically what I am saying here Affiliate Marketing is the art of selling other people products for a commission.

The affiliate program works like the following diagram

Watch this video for an explanation of the Diagram above

Want to Become an Affiliate?

If you are still making the decision to become an affiliate or even if you want to sell your own product online I suggest you do the following in this order

  1. Secret Email System for $5.60. This is written by an expert veteran in the business it will tell you all you need to know so that you may have a better appreciation of how the Email Marketing System works online.
  • Invincible Marketers. This will teach you from A-Z. It will carry you thru every curve and corner to ensure that you have a robust system to operate your business.
  • BuilderAll you will pay only half as much going forward. Link me on FB for more info if you need an explanation.

You don’t have to be a techie to do Affiliate Marketing

Have a blessed day 😊

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