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Howdy My Friends,

I am about to share with you the course that gives me new hopes and direction. Invincible Marketer is an Online Course that is originated and administered by Aaron Chen. The course teaches people of all ages and backgrounds to operate a successful business in any niche online.

About Aaron Chen

Originated from Malaysia, Aaron has indeed been numbered as part of the failing online entrepreneurs for 8 long years. He tried several courses and types of businesses but it was not until 2016 when he was exposed to an online course hosted by a reputable trainer who guided him the right way, that he made real success online.  As a measure of his success online he could afford to quit his full-time job and pursue online businesses as an Affiliate Marketer. He Subsequently develops his own online Courses. As a personal quest to educate those who are exposed and misguided, he set out to help as many unfortunate intended online entrepreneurs and newbies with an intense view to transforming their lives. So with that in mind, he created the 6 figure income call Invincible Marketer Program which was released in 2019 November.

The word “INVINCIBLE” was deliberate and throughout his lessons, Aaron emphasized that he wants everyone who comes thru this course to be highly resilient and press thru to the glories that lie in trading online.

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What the Course Promise

It is easier to say what the course does not boast, in attempt to say what is being promised.

  • Overnight success
  • Flashy expensive cars nor homes
  • Easy to implement strategies (Aaron, however, breaks this down immensely for you to understand)
  • No cost, to attain your goals

However, the course indicates that once you implement and take action and observe his teaching the average person can change his/her financial direction forever, quit his / her 9-5 job and has freedom to be anywhere whilst supervising your automated online business. The 6- figure conversion model will yield just that if implemented correctly based on his own experience.

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The Course

The course itself has 17 Sessions, with 4-6 lessons of an average 30 minutes duration each. Aaron believes that the mind has to be prepared for success, so he not only lectures the hardcore lessons. In each session the two first lesson often focus on matters to organise and motivate the mind to embrace the six-figure income that the candidates anticipate to make. He would often, direct you to a video of some great wise experience author and he himself would introduce strategies to keep you organise and focused.

Here is the Course Outline:

  • Session 1: Mindset, Goal Cards, and 10 Values.
  • Session 2: Pyramid of Success, Subconscious Conditioning, and Current. Landscape, 6 Figure Conversion Model and List of Must-Have Tools. 
  • Session 3:  Review of Goal Cards, Financial Thermostat, and Affiliate.
  • Marketing. Explained, Good vs. Bad Products and Picking Good Products.
  • Session 4:  The Long Game, Gary V Video, Recommend Product and Asset Checklist.
  • Session 5: Ambition vs. Actions, Be Resourceful, The Value Series, The Customers Journey, and Campaign Blueprint.
  • Session 6: Metrics, Gratitude + 5-minute Journal, The Strangest Secret, Understanding Domains, and Tracking.
  • Session 7: Journal, Don’t be Cheap, Setup Capture Page and 6 Figure Email Strategy.
  • Session 8: Broke vs. Poor Mindset, Traffic, Tracking Time, and Link Tracker Setup.
  • Session 9: Focus on Building, Delayed Gratification and Setting Up Value Funnel.
  • Session 10: Morning Routine, Mastering Video, Value Series Video, and Edit Sales Funnel.
  • Session 11: Behind the Scenes, Communication Strategy, Setup up Your Private Email, Setup Email Auto-responder, Setup Conversion Pixel.
  • Session 12: Value Series Review, Condensing Time Frames, Funnel Review, Final & Split Testing, Getting Traffic.
  • Session 13: How to Crush Obstacles, Taking Action, Unlimited Traffic Masterclass, Master your traffic.
  • Session 14: Your Commitment, Audit Your Circle, Authority Site Setup, Creating Your First Post, Cultivating Your List, Broadcast & Segmentation.
  •  Session 15: Self Care, Excuses, How to Covert more, Bonus Page Setup.
  •  Session 16: Status Check, Fear of Failure, Manage new Customers, Customer List Setup, and FB Tribe Building.
  • Session 17: Build Your Spider Web, Attitude is Everything, Where to Focus Your Time and Aren’t You Making Sales?

It cannot be overemphasized that Aaron is very structured and detailed in the delivery of his lesson. Even the young and young at heart can take his instruction and follow. Each lesson duration is an average of 30 minutes and so if your attention span is weak it gives you room to digest a particular point and return whenever you are so led. Equally, if you are able to cover more lessons you may do so as well. So, this course simultaneously caters to the slow, not so fast, and the fast learners.

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My Main Feature of the Course.

The Value Series, is what the course revolves around and it is this system that is required to implement to make 6 figures online. Let us describe this diagram

In this Value Series Diagram it requires a Funnel an Auto Responder a Website. So let us define what I am saying here in reference to the diagram above

Capture pages and Value Series = Funnel

Email List = Auto Responder

Hub = Website

In the diagram above traffic is been driven to the Capture Page, the capture page captures your email and stores into the Auto Responder. Now the value -series is comprised of about 4 video pages (note those 4 envelopes with the arrows pointing to the Value Series). The video is softly sensitizing the prospective customers; volunteering a lesson to educate them about the respective niche. The auto responder sends the value series out over a 4 day period to each new recruit. If by the 5th day and onward no action is taken then the auto responder will send information from the hub which is your authoritative website and so continued to keep the prospectives informed.

All of the above operates automatically once set up.

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Generally, the Course is advertised for $97 per month which is well worth it. However, as soon as you join you may be requested to become a lifetime member which cost about $597, If you do decide to become a lifetime member within the time frame stipulated you will have the monthly fees deducted from the same so that your final overall total becomes $597 for the lifetime package

The lifetime fees means that you will have access forever and will not be required to pay any additional fees. You will also get a special one and one session with Aaron twice per month and in addition you will get the exact template that Aaron uses to promote his business to model and use as your own

Subject to conditions there is a 30-day guarantee on each package

Facebook Community

There is also a face book community for all members, Lifetime and monthly members. In this community like minded people get to share and even preview their progress before it goes direct to the internet, Aaron is very active in this community as well and often gives his further guidance on many matters.

Affiliate Program

Aaron has an affiliate program in Invincible Marketers which only lifetime members have access to. This means that you may sell this program and obtain a 50% commission.

My Personal View

Being aware of how the internet can sometimes be tricky, I did an extensive search to find the right course to suit me, some courses seems to be good but very pricie others based on review will lead you to a path and leave you hanging. Truth be told I did not buy this program at once, I was able to link Aaron himself on Facebook and request information re the added cost (tools and advertisement mainly) that was not generally revealed, He unhesitantly give me those information which I really appreciate, other programs were very tight lip about such request. I have also listened other reviews and note that It was positive and consistent all the way.

What I discover whilst going thru the course, that it was what it promised and more, Even though Aaron promote Video Mastery, another course he has, He gave us option to choose to purchase or not to purchase. Video Authority is his strategy to teach how to get free traffic. But despite promoting this, he still guide extensively on how you may get traffic to your value series.

Words are not enough to express how I felt. I felt that I had earned my doctorate degree for a minimal fee in less than a month. He delivered a System that can generate the desired income for eternity, which may also be passed down to generation to come; this makes me feel instant success with a very clear directive as to how to achieve that.

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