My Career Journey

Before I introduce you the courses and the tools you must have to build your own successful business online. I want to tell you a little about myself.

My Back Ground

My journey thru life is not the best of story, but still I am grateful, for many others have been worst. My outcome is not bad either based on the circumstance, but I still remain an average person just like many.

I was brought up in a religious setting, Christianity to be explicit, I learned very dear principles that today is still my guide. Some of the key things I learn is honesty and Integrity and family structure.

I am one of those kids who did not have the benefit of parents for guidance nor financial support in most instances, my aunt tried her best, particularly after my uncle gave up fully on me; she gave as much as she could, but still I needed something more.

Now in the extended family that I have grown up in everybody were talented, they could sing dance and play music, I was the ONLY ONE that could not do any of those. They would go out to concerts and performed, sometimes I would tag along and even enjoyed myself at times but in the end, I often felt empty and less meaningful

 My Time Spent Before Starting High School When I was 18

But at a point, I think it was age 14 I asked myself where are you going in life. Now picture my state I have no role model to guide me, my aunts were not the “educated” type, and so they have no clout and connection which is the necessary to help me reach higher heights, especially in the neck of the woods where I am from.

I was not a bad kid, no! and still I was not a walk over but for the most part I was humble, maybe too humble and unassuming.

Now at age 14 what was my education status? Let me quickly bring you up to date.

Attend Prep School for 1 year starting at age 6

Then attend All Age School from grade 1- 5.

I repeated grade 4 because of irregular attendance.

At the same All Age School I went back in grade 7 on another shift (it was a shift school) but not consulting anyone (principal nor teachers). I re-entered in grade 7 when the school year was 4 months advanced.

There after I spend one month in grade 8 and that was the end for me.

So at age 14 I was out of it, but thankfully I could read and write. As it works out that was the gift I have and that’s when my journey began.

I remember clearly there was a English and a Maths book that was hanging loose in the house, Somewhere between age 14 going up to 18, I remember I use to take time to practice the problems in these. I would honestly do the questions and then resort to use the answers at the back of the text to gratified or correct myself, I do this whilst I do odd jobs around.

In the year when I was going to be 18, it really started. That year I learned to sew pants in 9 months (that too is a story by itself) and from there I was able to sew pants for others for pay. When my aunt saw my determination she introduced me to a private High school my own mother chips in and so my life starts changing.

At age 18 I know for sure what I wanted, I love numbers and making money so it was not a difficulty to choose Accounting as a career. But still there were countless road blocks to this desire.

My Journey Thru High School

So here is how I went thru the Private High School. My aunt who was overseas assist me with lunch money my mother pays the fees and I sometimes chip in with funds that I made from making pants. But it was never an easy journey, I literally cried each year, because the possibility of continuing was always remote, At one point my mother wanted me to be where she is, but I refused I could not desert my aunt, no! I could not. That nearly compromise the position, but in the end good sense prevails.

My Post High School Journey

After finishing high school and having partial success I went to live with my mom shortly after I have obtained employment as a Recording Clerk for one year, during this time I resit and upgraded my grades. Thereafter I started a two year course at a community college but only completed one successfully. I think this was due to cultural differences between my dear mom and I, The longest
I remember spending with my mom is 8 months.

Even though I know, I wanted to be an Accountant, and with my mind set I wanted to be a Chartered Accountant. I was told that I need to go to a University to get a Bachelors then a Masters Degree. So, I started doing some Advance Level Subject whilst I was working in a second job as an Accounting Clerk. My mind was set on going to university.

But I remembered, My Co-Worker who was at the time studying with these green books, the title reads ACCA. He had successfully completed the 2 years course at the same Community College, I previously attended.

ACCA, what the hell is that, and so I paused to question. He told me that it was Association of Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA) on completion of same it is equivalent to a Master’s Degree and by completing some practical you may become a fully Chartered Accountant. I marvelled; this is what I searched for all those years.

Please note, I should have started high school at age of 12 but did so 6 years after so technically I lost 6 years. Not having knowledge and know how I spent a great deal searching for direction to my career this took another 6 years. So, I have lost 12 years altogether so I really fancied that I am now 12 years younger, in my career. 🙂

So, I do my research on the ACCA and confirm that this is what I undoubtedly want. But my co-worker was not having it easy passing those subjects, so I was a bit scared to undertake same for quite frankly I don’t want to fail.  Then I develop a strategy, I decided to do a qualifying program called Certified Accounting Technician (CAT). This would take a bit longer but it was more broken down and It would eliminate level one of the ACCA program which at the time had 3 levels.

So I went to register for this class, but the institution could not find enough candidate so they recommended that I do the same that my co-worker was pursuing.

After Studies

From there my life has never been the same. I completed in Six years, (two of the years I did not do any exams at all). I got my relevant experience and become a Chartered Accountant in my locality. Just to have this make me feel proud, I may not land the highest of jobs that I deserve, but I am pretty much sure that my life has change for the better. My course has prepared me to do many things, a Lecturer, a Management Accountant, an Auditor and an Entrepreneur.

One of my main achievement in my career is that I rise above my circumstances, I did better than my grand parents (which is what they desire) I set the pace for my children and those who depends on me to become far better than I am.

My studies have prepared be to do what I am doing now. Which I am really and truly enjoying, I love the entrepreneurial journey which is the art of making more out of little.

I learned also that no man is better than the other, had we more resources and direction we would be self-actualize more, It also help to shape my destiny to motivate others to a better path.

There are so much more to my story but I will tell you more at another time.

Aim of my Online Business CK Bizsonline

My online business will be focusing on guiding young and in-experience or semi-experience persons who want to cashed in on the wealth that the internet boast. My primary aim is to guide each person to the best Courses, Tools and Traffic Sources that is required to make your business a success online. I will only introduce to you product that I deemed satisfactory.

Things to do to Start Your Own Business Online

Now given my background and  being on the internet for some time I am able to sive thru and make decision that works for me. Going forward I will be recommending the following products.

You should only buy these if you decide or contemplating to have a successful online business.

  1. If you are new and want to learn more – Buy this book The Secret Email Marketing System for $5.60. This is written by an expert veteran in the business it will tell you all you need to know so that you may have a better appreciation of how the Email Marketing System works online.
  • If you read the book above or have an understanding of Email Marketing System then buy this course, The Invincible Marketers. This will teach you from A-Z. It will carry you thru every curve and corner to ensure that you have a robust system to operate your business.
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Thanks for reading, I appreciate your feedback and comments

Heart a love always

Have a blessed day 😊

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