My Experience With BuilderAll (BA).

When I just started my online business, I knew that it would take some time to establish. After going thru the course with Invincible Marketers, in addition to all the evidence appearing on my door-step, I know for sure that I want to have a permanently successful online business.

Being an accountant who loves to weigh cost and opportunity, I kept an open mind for new methods to stir me in the direction my mentor from Invincible Marketers taught me. I stumbled across an ad that was delivering for BuilderAll. I love the idea and was blown away based on its offer. It was too much offering in one package makes it too good to be true.

I questioned, again and again, ensuring that I am not substituting pot for a kettle or even worst realigning myself with something inferior.  I have investigated and realized that some of my team members in Invincible. Marketers were using BuilderAll too for a good while, So it became evident that this is the way I must go.

Despite making the decision earlier, I weigh my options for a month before arriving at my final decision. Started with the $1 trial for 30 days but about 5 days after, I made that decision to go full speed ahead with the full version simply because I want to promote the funnel immediately.

I don’t want you to get me wrong all the tools I had before was working and working well, I have no issue with them, except that I was not able for some strange reason to promote the funnel that I was using, which was a big part of my business plan. Other than that glitch, all in all, they were reliable tools to use, but when I accumulated the cost, as you shall see below’ I have to make the best decision for myself.  My ultimate plan is to re-subscribe to the ClickFunnel only to promote their funnel and other products they have, for that is precisely in my niche.

Don’t get confused here, I am specifically talking to the average Joe who might have some challenges like myself had and would want to start his/her business at a relatively low and reasonable cost, the ideal thing to do is use BuilderAll as you will see my rationale in this discourse further on.

My Monthly Cost Before I Join BuilderAll

The monthly cost for maintaining my tools at the basic level was as follows:

Tools                         $

Click Funnel  _   97.00 –  Provide Funnel – to communicate items I am promoting.

GetResponse  _ 15.00 –  Provide an autoresponder to schedule my messages.

ClickMagick _    27.00  – A Tracker, to keep a tab on my advertisement.

Vimeo             12.00  – To host my videos.

Canva              12.95  – To make designs for my banner and advertisement.

Total             163.95.

I excluded my website hosting cost for $7.88 per month for I have not fully decided on that yet, but yes BA hosts your Cheetah website and your WordPress websites at no extra cost.

BuilderAll is all those listed and more saving the tracker, for just a monthly fee of $69.90. Do you blame me for making that decision? Your comments will be appreciated.

Now the service that ClickMagick gives is somewhat different, as it caters to track multiple advertisements. But I think in the beginning, you don’t need this, you can add the same to your online business when you are more expanded and have a greater customer base by then I think you will be having multiple advertisement sources.

But saving $94.05 ($163.95 – $69.90) per month was well-needed cash flow for my business. My savings represent 57% of the original cost, which means my current cost of $69.90 per month is less than half what I use to pay. Am I not smart?


BuilderAll Is Far More Than What I Use To Have

But did I get anything less? By no means no It’s so much more than I need right now. I have verified that BuilderAll has all the features as advertised, but at the time of writing, I was not able to explore everything down to the “T”. But the offering so far exceeds my expectation.

First of all, there is no upsell, everybody pays $69.90 each month for the premium plan, which means you get everything necessary if you are an affiliate and you promote you can join in the prizes of the elite.

However, the requirement to join the Funnel Club is a one-time fee of $199, I will say more about it later.

But here are what they offer for the $69.90 per month

Funnel Builder

Auto Responder

Website hosting

Video Hosting

Script Writer

Opportunity to Promote BuilderAll

Google Adsense Friendly Builder

Blog Builder

Chat Builder

I can’t list everything here so please click on this link to find out more about offering this awesome product.

Take note that I said that whilst I was paying $163.95 Monthly, I only have the basic packages.  To pay for BuilderAll Equivalent would be far greater. The higher level funnel package in ClickFunnel is $297. This in my opinion is the equivalent of BuilderAll package for $69.90 particularly if you join the funnel Club.

The Funnel Club

Now, if you join the Funnel Club with a one-time fee of $199, it will enable you to lock the $69.90 forevermore, provided that you pay on time. Isn’t that cool? 69.90 forever.

But here is what you get if you join.

 30+ Messenger Chatbot Niche Funnel
 50+ Niche Funnels to capture leads and sell Digital Marketing Platform
 50+ Niche Funnels for Agencies
 20+ Niche Funnels for List Building (lead magnet included)
 10+ Builderall Premium Funnels
 300+ Cheetah Strategic Funnels (quick editing)
 Special: Builderall Premium Affiliate Automatic Approval
 Weekly New Niche Funnels added
 Weekly New Cheetah Strategic Themes Add

Who Use This Product

Doctors, course lecturers, lawyers, dentists, insurance agents you name it and all who needs to have customer needs this item. You don’t have to be an affiliate to promote BuilderAll. You can buy BuilberAll just for creating your funnel in your given niche. This is what makes it a seller; it solves critical problems in business offline or online all over.

My Team

If you had the opportunity to have gone thru my funnel here, you would have been introduced to Chad Bartlett my Mentor in BuilderAll. He is indeed a true mentor. Chad, wants to see everyone succeed, yes there is a benefit for him for the stronger his base is the more guaranteed is his income on auto-pilot. He is a top affiliate at the time of writing he ranks number 3 in BuilderAll, he used to be number 1 for a very long while. Everything promise here is a reality.

So what’s the benefit there for him? BuilderAll pays a 30% commission on a two-tier basis. This means you will get 30% commission for those persons you sell directly to and 30% commission on sales made by their customer who promotes BuilderAll.

So strongly making his based even those that are not directly on is two-tier is very important. When members are profitable, they want to stay in business and promote more if they are strong his team will be stronger and that is the only way the commission is guaranteed.

I intended to have a short discourse, but I can’t resist telling you this much

Cheers, we will talk in the future.

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